“Adam's tea ceremony for our event was exquisite. It was not only a beautiful aesthetic experience, but also a deeply bonding one for all the participants—and the state that everyone was left in (after many cups of incredible tea) was truly the perfect combination of relaxed and focused for the event's next activities. I would highly recommend the service for teams, workshops, intentional parties, and any other setting where a unique social and meditative experience is called for.”

Dave Burns, The Business Monk

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Adam Yasmin is a digital wellness strategist and tea specialist who hosts Wabi Sabi podcast

Adam brings over a decade of practice and experience facilitating site-specific immersive tea experiences for intentional gatherings, corporate retreats, workshops, festivals and conferences. He is based in Los Angeles with his partner, Pamela Samuelson, and their daughter, Kora.

What is Digital Wellness?

Digital wellness is about facilitating awareness by limiting the compulsive use of technologies that create anxiety, stress, and mood swings; and instead, focusing on the balanced, beneficial uses of these technologies to connect us with the right people, and to foster more meaningful offline experiences in real life — like sharing a deep conversation with a co-worker, spending more quality time with our children, and making a new friend at a tea tasting. We work with individuals and groups, developing and facilitating a minimalist approach to personal technology usage that creates more space for meaningful life experiences. Digital wellness and tea go quite well together.

Why Tea

Tea ceremony offers us the rare experience of immediate, wordless presence in the midst of the city hustle. Sitting together over tea in this way returns us to ourselves and our senses, connecting us deeply with our breath [inner landscape], each other, and our surroundings. Permitting ourselves the communal noble silence that comes along with tea ceremony is a gift that brings us face-to-face with the very ground of our being. Tea is an ancient immersive experience, an original human technology, which helps us modern folk to remember who we are beyond our digital addictions and the attendant stresses that take hold of our consciousness, our attention, and our nervous systems.