Screens are ubiquitous, ever-present and demanding of our most precious resources; time & attention.

When we choose to further develop our self-awareness, emotional intelligence & ability to change habits then we can support ourselves and our children in maintaining healthier relationships to screens.

Let’s face it, we’ve all used screens as ‘digital pacifiers’ and that doesn’t mean we’re weak or helpless — every interaction with tech poses an opportunity to choose differently.

Unrealistic anti-tech household rules are ultimately as effective as abstinence-only sex ed — it doesn’t work.

The problem we face as parents isn’t an anti-tech solution, it’s a mindful tech strategy.

A ’mindful tech strategy’ means that we use screens to enhance, support and nurture ourselves, our children and families in ways that align with our values.

Being mindful with tech also means that we choose to limit or delay screen-time that disrupts our cognitive, physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Want to discuss what’s possible for your family?


No other parenting generation has faced such a challenge. As an elder millennial I know how difficult it feels to be raising children with this level of extreme digitization. Kids (and their parents) are using screens for school, socializing, creativity, entertainment, and more..

Don’t stress; I’ve got your back.

Any parent today will say that they are overwhelmed by stress when it comes to managing screen-time for themselves as well as their children. Though it’s complicated, rest assured there are solutions, tools and mindful tech strategies. I’m here to help.


Screentime Handled:

1-on-1 Parent coaching

For parents ready for all-hands-on-deck support in tackling this complicated screen-time life.

These sessions offer the chance to work 1:1 with Adam in a private & customized package to help your family move from mindless to mindful tech use.

Uplift Together:

Group Parent Workshops

Group parent workshops, in your home or on Zoom, allowing for your community to come together and learn how to raise emotionally intelligent & screen-time mindful families. These gentle workshops offer you the 411 on your child's digital world & actionable tips to implement at home right away.

Gather your friends & bring all the questions... Let's build a strong foundation for raising screen-time mindful kids - together.



"My sessions with Adam were like pure therapy but with a focus on something I don't feel I can discuss at length with my therapist. An unburdening of all my digital complaints and a safe reveal of my embarrassing thought processes in relation to social media and life in the digital age. I recommend him to anyone needing advice on trying to understand how to navigate this life in a healthier way."

S. White, New York

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